Every so often, you get a computer, desktop or laptop, that starts acting funny. If you are experiencing a lot of issues with your computer, or with your computer system at your place of business, there are ways to address these issues. It helps to find out what the problem is or problems are, if you can. Often, these glitches could be due to malware. If you are not a tech-savvy sort of person, you might be wondering how you can solve these issues. If you want to end those problems and know for sure that your computer or computer system is having problems from something your current antivirus protection is not detecting, try the following. 

IT Network Monitoring

IT network monitoring is a service and a software that monitors what comes through your computer and IT network. It creates a report of bad bugs and legit messages from your operating system. When you are able to take a moment and look at this report, you are able to recognize, finally, what messages are dangerous pop-ups and what messages are coming from your computer and its operating system. Then you can block the dangerous pop-up "alerts."


​Quarantine software allows you to slide the dangerous pop-ups and "alerts" in a virtual box. The software recognizes when these same messages and fake alerts pop up again, and it stuffs them into more quarantine boxes. You will have to take a few moments to obliterate the quarantine boxes a couple times a week, but when you do, those problems go away and never damage your computer systems. 

Updated Antivirus Software Updates

​You might be surprised by this, but over three hundred thousand viruses, Trojans, worms, malware, etc., are released each day by criminal hackers. Antivirus software companies strive to keep up with all of the new computer bugs, and if you are not updating this kind of software every couple of days, your computers and computer systems are at risk. Most of these software programs will run in the background and help without you ever knowing what they are doing. The rest of the time, you have to manually run updates on your antivirus software to make sure it is up to date and catching every bug, every virus, and every bit of malware that it should be catching in the first place. Going forward, your systems should work better and bother you less.